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The public is hereby informed that the Embassy has suspended the renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship. Applicants seeking to renounce their citizenship are therefore advised to apply to the Federal Ministry of Interior in Abuja, which is the authority responsible for processing applications for the renunciation of Nigerian citizenship.

2.        Kindly note that the following documents are required for the process.  

i)          Original receipt of payment of application fee of N 20,000.00

ii)         Formal written application duly signed by applicant

iii)        Duly completed application for renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship (FORM G)

iv)        Birth Certificate (18 years and above)

v)         Local Government/State Identification letter

vi)        Two Passport Photographs

vii)       Sworn Oath of Renunciation by High Court or Magistrate Court

viii)      Evidence Letter by the Applicant from the Country he intends to acquire Citizenship of his/her choice

ix)        Approval fees of N50, 000.00 (to be paid on approval)

3.        Thank you.


Consular Section

Embassy of Nigeria Kyiv-Ukraine


 I. Authentication of Documents


i.                   All documents such as birth and death certificate(s), marriage certificate(s), age declaration, affidavit of change of name (s) and non criminal certificate(s) issued by the Nigeria Police are required to be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, Nigeria before presentation at the Embassy.

ii.                 An application   requesting  Authentication of documents.

   iii. The processing fee is US$50.00

II.  Educational Certificates


i.                   All educational documents such as SSCE, University degrees etc are required to be authenticated at the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja.

ii.                 In addition, each applicant is to submit to the Embassy:

An application requesting Authentication and stating details  of  institution and period / duration of study.

-Original E-passport and Copy indicating his/her registration

-Immigration card of the applicant indicating his/her registration

- Photocopies of application letter , E-passport  and registration card to be submitted with original to the Embassy when applying for authentication.

 iii. The processing fee is US$10.00 per document

III. Bachelorhood and Spinsterhood Certificates


Requirements for issuance:


    i. Properly completed form. Kindly download form online.                                              //nigeriaembassykyiv.com.ua/en/download_forms.html


    ii. E-passport of the applicant indicating evidence of his/her registration.


    iii. Immigration card of the applicant


    iv. Physical presence of the partner or the International/National passport of the partner (In case the partner cannot visit the Embassy due to genuine reasons)


    v. Consent letter and Copy of the data page of the passport of the partner


    vi.   Court Declaration from Nigeria indicating that applicant has never  been married. The court declaration should be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja.


    vii. In divorce cases, applicant who wishes to re-marry should provide divorce certificate

    ix. Photocopies of E-passport, Immigration card, consent letter and court declaration.


    viii. Processing fee of US$30.00


* Applicants are to kindly note that this certificate is issued only once

IV. Non Criminal Certificate


Requirements for Issuance:

i.                   Police report from Nigeria and properly legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abuja with the receipt of payment.


   ii. Properly completed form. Kindly download form online.


    iii. E-passport of the applicant indicating evidence of his/her resident permit


    iv. Immigration card of the applicant


    v. Original Police report from the local authority according   to the applicants registration or place  of  residence

    vi. Photocopies of police report from Nigeria , E-passport  and Immigration card.


    vii. Processing fee of US$30.00


V. The Embassys Consular Identity Card


       Requirements for Issuance:


    i. Properly completed form. Kindly download form online.


    ii. 2 passport sized photographs of the applicant.


    iii. Copy of the data page of the applicants E-passport, evidence of registration in the passport, Immigration card and student identity card (for students only).


iv. For re-issuance, applicants are to submit the previous identity card in their possession. If  lost, applicants are requested to kindly provide   police report.

v.  For extension of ID card applicants are to submit previous ID card before        expiry date and  original  and  copy of  E-passport.

vi.  Photocopy of copy of E-passport, Immigration card and  student Identity card

    vii. Processing fee of UAH20.00

VI .    Letter of confirmation of residential address

i.                   Sworn Court Affidavit indicating residential address in Nigeria  and authenticated by Ministry of  Foreign Affairs (MFA) Abuja with the receipt of payment.


ii Request letter (application) stating address to be confirmed


iii. E-passport of the applicant indicating evidence of his/her registration where applicable


iv. Immigration card and student card (for student)


 v. Photo copy court affidavit, application letter, E-passport and Immigration card.

  vi. Processing fee is US$10.00

VII.  Authentication  of  Business  Documents




i.                   All business documents to be endorsed at the Embassy for use in Nigeria such as NAFDAC registration must have been authenticated by any of the host countrys   relevant authorities (Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Moldova) before presentation.


ii.                 Request letter  (Application)

iii.                All business documents such as for NAFDAC  and etc. must be authenticated in:

              Ministry of Justice of host country

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of host country

Chamber of   Commerce and Industry of   host country where applicable

iii.              Submit to the Embassy, Copy and original contract of co-operation with Nigerian Company/Partner and ( Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Georgian, Moldovan, Lithuanian ) company.

iv.              Submit to the Embassy Business correspondence between Nigerian and Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Georgian, Moldovan or Lithuanian Company/Partner.

v.                 Submit to the Embassy a printed copy of certificate of incorporation / Business registration of the Nigerian Company/Partner and a copy of any official document of identification ( like Nigerian passport, etc) from the person who signed the contract on behalf of the Nigerian Company/Partner.

vi.     Photocopies of  business documents, application letter, copies of contract , business correspondent , business registration and  identity document


      vii. Processing fee is US$50.00




    i. Formal application (duly signed by applicant) addressed to the Ambassador


    ii. Sworn Affidavit by the Applicant in court of Law in Nigeria and to be duly legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja.


    iii. Applicant is expected to present to the Embassy a document indicating that he/she is intending to acquire the citizenship of any of our host countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or   Moldova)


    iv. One passport sized photograph.


iv.              Certificate of identification from the applicants local government of origin in Nigeria duly legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja.

     vi. Copy of e-passport

    vii. Immigration card and student card (for student)

     viii. Applicant must surrender his/her e-passport to the Embassy after which a letter of renunciation will be issued.

     ix.  Photocopy of

      x. Photocopy of application letter, sworn affidavit, certificate of identification local government , copy of e-passport and immigration card.

     ix. Processing fee is US$30.00



    i.   Letter of consent or application by the father of the child.


i.      Original and Copies of the data pages of the Nigerian Standard Passports of both parents of the child.


    iii. Copies of registration of parents of the child in Ukraine (or one of them).


    iv. Copy of birth certificate of the child.


    v. Copy of marriage certificate of the parents where applicable


    vi. Two recent passport photographs of the child.


     vii. Copy of the letter issued by the Ukrainian Immigration to the applicant

      viii. Original and Copy of the letter issued by the Ukrainian Immigration.

    ix. Photocopy of consent letter or application from child's father, E-passport, immigration card or registration in Ukraine of parents, marriage certificate and copy of Immigration letter issued to the applicant.


    x. Payment of administrative fee of $20.00


General Information:


Applicants are to kindly note that all administrative fees for services are paid exact amount by cash at the Embassy.


All documents for consular matters and authentication are to be submitted at the Embassy on Monday ,  Tuesday , Wednesday and  Thursday  from 10am to 12pm.

Collection  from 1pm to 2pm.